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Air Conditioning is the precise control of air temperature, cleanliness and humidity. It works to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Systems can offer you heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. With all systems, the air is cooled or heated by circulating it through an Air Conditioning unit, as per the diagram opposite.

To ensure that you receive the very best from your system, we offer a professional, free, no obligation site survey, which will establish the few basic facts needed to ensure you receive the correct system; this will include the following;

  • Room Size
  • Amount of people
  • Any machinery
  • Location of both Indoor and Outdoor Units
  • Power Supply

In the summer months when an area gets hot, heat is absorbed by Refrigerant, which is sealed within the unit. As the Refrigerant absorbs the heat from the room, it changes to a gas and passes through small copper tubes to the outdoor unit. Where the heat is released into the atmosphere.

The gas then changes back into a cold liquid, which returns to the indoor unit, where the air is fanned and then distributed out into the room, providing the cool air you require when the temperature rises. This process is automatically repeated to maintain the pre set room temperature, which you control. The Filters in the Air Conditioning systems are extremely effective at removing air borne contaminants, which include dust and pollen.

For further information on any of our product range or services for work or office use, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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