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In an office environment, cool cleaner air improves staff morale, efficiency, and productivity.

In leisure or retail sectors, customers will stay in a comfortable environment. Finally, in the summer heat, cool customers are happy customers. Happy customers stay longer and spend more money!!

Air Conditioning within the workplace has been common for many years, only now it offers various ranges, sizes and the ability to cool and heat. The systems are able to comply with a variety of layouts, all designed to meet your needs.

ACR London can supply, install, and maintain systems for all commercial properties, inclusive of offices, shops, restaurants, factories etc. Our expert surveyors are able to find a solution to all of your heating/cooling needs, and will deliver what you require on time and within budget. We will always advise of a total cost inclusive of all materials, so each client is aware of the project total. We do not add any additional or hidden costs!

Commercial Air Conditioning
Commercial Air Con


Throughout the whole year, even when outside temperatures plummet, server rooms are always humid, with unbearable and uncomfortable temperatures, which are given out as “heat loads” from the machines located inside. Everybody knows how much heat that computers give out. Computer Rooms or Data Rooms whether in Offices, Libraries, Schools or Universities all need to be correctly Air Conditioned to maintain a comfortable working environment for computer users. ACR London can design, install and maintain Computer Room Air Conditioning Systems.


This system consists of an Evaporator and a Condenser Unit. The Evaporator unit is located indoors, and is usually mounted on a wall, floor or ceiling. This unit circulates the air in the room cooling and heating it to your set requirements. It is then connected to the Condenser unit, which is located outside via copper pipes. The heat removed from this room is dispersed into the atmosphere.When heat is required, the system works in reverse.


Operation is the same as above, but this option allows for up to 4 units to be positioned in various rooms, allowing individually controlled units, which all operate for a single outdoor unit.


Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are the most up to date development. The operate in the same way, but are able to give you the option to run up to 16 indoor units form a single outdoor unit.


Mobiles or portable Air Conditioners as they are sometimes known, are available in various types and sizes. They consist of a small unit that is connected via an electricity supply in the room; they remove the heat from the room via a tumble drier type hose.

This unit is a popular “last minute” choice, but it does not represent a long-term solution.

For further information on any of our product range or services for work or office use, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Air Con

How much does a commercial air con system cost?

The cost of having a new commercial air conditioning unit or system installed, will depend on a number of factors such as the type and size. At ACR London, we offer some of the most competitive prices for commercial air conditioning. If you’re interested in having a new or replacement system installed, then don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

How long will it take to install new commercial air conditioning?

The length of time it takes to install any type of air conditioning will depend on a number of things. Some of the factors that affect the installation time are the type of system, if any building alterations are needed and the size of the system or the amount of units. At ACR London, we ensure all commercial air conditioning installations, are carried out in a professional and highly efficient manner.<

What types of commercial air conditioning do you offer?

We have many different types of commercial air con to choose from, such as overhead units and fully integrated systems. No matter what type of air con you might need, we’ll ensure your property is fitted with the right type of units or systems. If you’re in need of new or replacement air conditioning for your commercial building, then be sure to get in touch with ACR London. We’d be happy to arrange a quote for you.

How do I know what’s the best commercial air con unit?

Understanding what the best commercial air conditioning unit is can be difficult. At ACR London, we have an expert team who are always on hand to provide guidance and assistance. No matter what your requirement might be, we’ll ensure you choose the best commercial air conditioning unit for your requirements.

How do I arrange commercial air conditioning installation?

If you’re based in London or any of the surrounding areas, and are interested in having commercial air conditioning installation carried out, then be sure to get in touch with ACR London. One of our team are always on hand to answer questions and deal with enquiries.


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